Reporting and Analytics

Gain deep understanding of your system or team-wide performance, operational efficiency, and user productivity over time.

reporting and analytics


Track and analyze the trends and performance of your systems, apps, and users to prevent recurring incident scenarios with OpsGenie's reporting advanced capabilities.

  • Customizable filters to specify the data you want
  • Different visuals consisting of charts, graphs, and tables
  • Ability to drill down into the data for granularity
  • Scheduling automatic reports
  • Exporting reports in various formats including PDF
  • Global and Team reporting, including alert, MTTA/R, on-call time reports and many more.
Start exploring and see the value the different dashboards bring to your company or team, whether it’s identifying weak areas of a system or insight on how to optimize productivity.



“We believe this new functionality is a big leap forward in evolution for incident management.”

Colin Zima, Looker, Chief Analytics Officer



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