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How OpsGenie Works:

how opsgenie works diagram

Get started in minutes with easy to apply integrated monitoring, ticketing and collaboration services.

opsgenie on-call schedules

Define On-call schedules and escalations policies

Route critical alerts to the right people with on-call schedules, and escalate until the alert is acknowledged.

it alerts to opsgenie

Consolidate IT alerts in OpsGenie

OpsGenie has ready to use integrations with many monitoring tools and services. Easily integrate all your tools using email based integrations, command line utilities, simple Web API (HTTPS/JSON), and libraries.

opsgenie notification options

Notifications via email, SMS, mobile push, and phone calls

OpsGenie sends alert notifications through multiple channels until you see the alert. You can use notification rules to control how you want to be notified for different alerts based on alert data, such as severity, tags, and time of day.

view alerts with opsgenie apps

View alerts via OpsGenie apps

OpsGenie alerts are not limited to couple hundred characters of text, and support many fields, tags, and attached files. Use OpsGenie apps or web UI to view alert details, status of each of the recipients and activity log detailing all alert activity.

respond to alerts

Respond to alerts directly from OpsGenie apps

OpsGenie apps support 2-way communications. Communicate with team members and initiate investigative actions directly from OpsGenie apps.