Referral Partner Program

Be an OpsGenie Ambassador... And We'll Pay You!

Become a Partner

Join the OpsGenie Referral Partner program to introduce your friends, colleagues, customers, businesses, and others that may enjoy the benefits of an Incident Response Orchestration solution. To become a partner, you must be an OpsGenie customer or a trial user.

Benefits to Referral Partners

  • You receive a cash reward equal to one month of each new service plan generated from your referrals (up to a maximum of $5,000).
  • Your friends get to try a tool that consolidates notifications, reduces mean time to repair (MTTR), eliminates administrative overhead, and lets users manage incidents anywhere they go. We will even give them a free month of OpsGenie.

If your referral becomes an OpsGenie Customer:

We'll pay you one-month annual revenue -- up to $5000 -- for each Opsgenie paid user generated from your referral.*

We'll also give the referral(1) one-month FREE credit when they sign up as a paid customer!**

Referral Terms: *Referrer: To qualify for the (1)one-month revenue promotion, the referred customer and/or user(s) must successfully signup for an OpsGenie paid package as listed on the pricing web-page within (90) days of referral. Once the annual paid signup is completed by the referral, the referrer will receive a check and/or money order with the amount described above. Referrer payments will not exceed a maximum of ($5000) five-thousand dollars. Payment will be considered final once OpsGenie sends payment to the referrer. OpsGenie always reserves the right of refusal for all promotions as deemed necessary by OpsGenie. The referrer is solely responsible for paying any taxable income received as a result of the promotion. **Referral: (1)one-month credit will be given to the new OpsGenie customer only when they successfully signup for an annual OpsGenie’s paid-service(s). Credit will be reflected in the first invoice of the annual plan. This promotion will effectively end at December 31, 2017.

How do I invite friends?

You can refer friends by logging into your OpsGenie account. At the Navigation bar on the top left, click Referral Program. Then just enter your friends’ names and email addresses to invite them.

Is there a maximum amount I can earn through referrals?

Yes. The limit is $5000.

Can I refer someone who already has an active OpsGenie paid account?

No, only new accounts are eligible.

Is there any cost to participate in the referral program?

No, participation is free!

Can I participate in this referral program if I don't have a paid OpsGenie account?

No, you need to be a paid OpsGenie user.

What happens if my referee does not purchase right away? Will I still receive the money?

The referee must successfully signup for an OpsGenie paid package (as listed on the pricing web page) within (90) days of your referral.

Can OpsGenie decline my reward?

OpsGenie has the right to decline the rewards if there is a documented conflict with other channels of purchase or any other violations of the referral program terms of service.

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