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January 2016



"Even if the pricing was the same, we would have switched to OpsGenie"

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Company Overview

Looker is a software company that has developed a new generation of Business Intelligence (BI). They believe that a business can only succeed when data is defined and easily accessible throughout the entire organization. Looker is a web-based platform that creates a “true discovery-driven” business.

Looker is reinventing the way BI works by creating a new type of “data discovery solution.”

Looker modernizes BI in three important ways:

1. A simplified web-based stack leverages our 100% in-database architecture, so you can operate on big data and find the last mile of value in the new era of fast analytic databases.

2. An agile development environment enables today’s data rockstars to model the data and create end-user experiences, transforming data on the way out, rather than on the way in.

3. A self-service data-discovery experience that works the way the web works, empowering business users to drill into and explore very large datasets without ever leaving the browser.

Looker Mission

Looker hopes to guide the next generation of data analytics and assist in unlocking the power of data in a business.

Integrations Used

Zabbix, Email, Slack, API


Looker needed an alerting and on-call management solution that was cost- effective and would alert large groups efficiently.

Problems OpsGenie Solved

  • Effortlessly alerting large groups
  • Lowering total costs to expand the company.

Why OpsGenie

Looker is a four-year-old company that hoped to adopt an alerting and on-call management solution. Looker was searching for a system that was user-friendly and organized. They began by using a service provided by a fairly popular OpsGenie competitor. During their time with our competitor, Looker began growing and slowly more and more people were added to their alerting and on-call management system; they were up for renewal and the pricing increases of our competitor had caught their attention.

With cost in mind, Looker began their search for a more economical solution, which brought them to OpsGenie. They began a trial using OpsGenie in parallel to the competitor’s solution and, after their trial, Looker confidently switched over to OpsGenie. OpsGenie outperformed our competitor. We fulfilled Looker’s need for a system that was not only low-cost but also provided additional capabilities such as easily notifying multiple users in parallel when needed.

“Even if the pricing was the same, we would have switched to OpsGenie”

The need: Flexible alerting, multiple teams, multiple users at once

Looker creates alerts in OpsGenie via email and Zabbix integrations. These alerts need to be routed to the appropriate team. In some cases, the on-call user needs to be notified, in others, all engineers and developers may be notified at once.

OpsGenie fulfilled that need splendidly. The OpsGenie team's capabilities enable Looker to configure alerting the way they want. For some alerts, all members of the team can be notified and for others, the on-call person can be notified first, then escalate to others if needed.

Customer Support

While implementing OpsGenie, Looker faced very few challenges, one being their understanding of the product and how it works. They needed assistance while configuring groups, teams, and escalations. OpsGenie’s customer support was there from the start explaining the difference between groups and teams, how to create larger teams, and how to configure mass alerts.

“(OpsGenie’s) customer support was perfect and they guided us along.”


Looker chose OpsGenie over our competition because not only was it cost- effective for their growing company, but we also provided capabilities that they were missing, for example; alerting large numbers of engineers when needed. OpsGenie’s flexible configuration assured Looker that we will continue to meet their needs as they continued to grow.

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