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April 2016



“People were paged constantly, and they started ignoring alerts. So [implementing an alerting and on-call management system] made it very easy to divide us into teams based on the services that were the most valuable.”

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Company Overview

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform with 15,000 customers in more than 90 countries. HubSpot's mission is to make the world more inbound. HubSpot’s software, services, and support teams work to transform the way they attract and engage customers. Their inbound marketing software includes social media publishing and monitoring; blogging; SEO; website content management; email marketing automation; and reporting and analytics; all in one integrated platform. HubSpot’s sales application, Sidekick, enables sales and service teams to have more active conversations with leads, prospects, and customers.

HubSpot Mission

HubSpot is on a mission to make the world more inbound.

Integrations Used

SignalFX, Pingdom, Internal Monitoring Tool (Rodan)


HubSpot needed an alerting and on-call management solution that was centralized, configurable/flexible and easily integrated into their environment.

Problems OpsGenie Solved

  • Extensive set of flexible Integrations
  • Team management
  • Cost effective

Why OpsGenie

Before OpsGenie, HubSpot was working with an OpsGenie competitor in the alerting and on-call management space. This competitor was implemented to solve HubSpot's “pager fatigue.”

"People were paged constantly, and they started ignoring alerts. So [implementing an alerting and on-call management system] made it very easy to divide us into teams based on the services that were the most valuable.”

HubSpot switched to OpsGenie because it was more cost effective, and had all the necessary features they required, without any loss of functionality.

The Need

HubSpot’s core business is marketing and sales and wanted to focus on their core business. It was critical that they were able to monitor their uptime and that they would be instantly aware of any incidents that needed to be resolved. OpsGenie's ability to integrate with all platforms made it easy for HubSpot to make personalized decisions.

Integrations & Teams

HubSpot utilizes various systems that monitor alerts 24x7x365.

It was critical for HubSpot to monitor their uptime efficiently, integrate with all their systems, and productively manage their teams. HubSpot has an integration with SignalFX, a business integration for their metrics platforms, which allows HubSpot to monitor thousands of other micro-services and critical infrastructure. By integrating SignalFX with OpsGenie, HubSpot is able to automatically notify the right teams when an anomaly is detected. With this, HubSpot can get ahead of any issue that will disrupt their service.

HubSpot is highly decentralized and manages their engineering teams by organizing them into 3-5 person teams. HubSpot does not have a central Ops team and believes that each team is accountable for their assigned services.

HubSpot has an internal monitoring tool called Rodan, which collects metrics and sends alerts to OpsGenie. They also have an integration with Pingdom which is used to send alerts to the appropriate teams. HubSpot allows each team to set up their rotation schedule independently, and implement OpsGenie’s calendar and escalation paths.

“We need to be able to see that our 40 to 50 teams are handling their alerts independently.”

Ease of Setup and Use

HubSpot transitioned all of their users from a competitor to the OpsGenie platform. This change included implementing all of the listed integrations as well.

This ease of migration and readiness of use by their teams from one platform to another was important to HubSpot. As needed, they also leveraged the help of the OpsGenie Customer Success team during the onboarding process.

“The migration was effortless, and the UI was quite intuitive for all of our users. We were able to get it integrated in our environment very quickly and didn’t lose any productivity.”

Cost Effectiveness

Although HubSpot is relatively new to OpsGenie, they immediately noticed significant financial savings without missing any of the functionality that they had grown accustomed to with their prior alerting and on-call tool.


It was vital for HubSpot to have a smooth transition and happy teams. By leveraging OpsGenie’s weekly reports, they can see who’s getting the most alerts, and can be proactive in preventing “pager” fatigue. The transition for HubSpot is still relatively recent. However, since making the decision, HubSpot has experienced an easy, painless transition, with significant financial savings, and just as important, no pager fatigue.

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