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April 2015



"OpsGenie brought everything together for us."

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Company Overview

Bleacher Report, the social voice of sports, creates and collaborates on the culture of sports for the next generation of fans. Its vision for making sports bigger than games has led to the unmatched engagement on social media, where it consistently ranks as the No. 1 publisher. Bleacher Report also provides an industry-leading fan experience on mobile devices through Team Stream™, the top-rated smartphone, and tablet app. Find Bleacher Report on the web at and on Instagram @BleacherReport. Bleacher Report is a division of Turner Sports.

Integrations Used

New Relic, DataDog, Pingdom, CloudWatch, JIRA


Bleacher Report needed an alerting and on-call management solution that was centralized with an easy integration of existing tools.

Problems OpsGenie Solved

  • Consolidation of alerts
  • Integration of alerts from a variety monitoring systems
  • Complete alert management in Slack

Why OpsGenie

When Turner Broadcasting acquired Bleacher Report (B/R) in 2012, it was transitioning from a start-up to a medium sized company. B/R had reached a point where they recognized the need for a centralized system to manage their alerting and on-call management. Before OpsGenie, these were manually intensive tasks, requiring the person who identified the issue to coordinate support. While looking for a better solution B/R evaluated and compared OpsGenie to other solutions on the market. What differentiated OpsGenie was the out-of-the-box bi-directional integration with Slack, a feature that resulted in OpsGenie becoming B/R’s centralized system for alerting, trying all system together.

“OpsGenie brought everything together for us.”


Before OpsGenie, B/R’s incident management was manual, and there were many different systems being used for alerting and ticketing (e.g. New Relic, DataDog, Pingdom, CloudWatch). Their first goal was to integrate OpsGenie with their existing monitoring systems. In addition to integrating these automated alerts with OpsGenie, B/R has developed a comprehensive form for their internal users.

Centralized System

When an anomaly is encountered B/R employees complete a form and based on the details OpsGenie automatically routes the issue to the proper team.

There are three classifications of alerts: (1) a complete system/service outage, (2) a serious, yet constrained issue, and (3) a feature request or a minor issue that does not require immediate attention.

B/R has specified rules built into each classification, including an overnight blackout period for all non-critical issues. Minor issues reported during this time are automatically posted to Slack, but alerting is delayed until 7 A.M.. Outside of the blackout hour, OpsGenie will proactively reach out to B/R’s engineers via Slack, SMS, and phone calls.

Customer Support

Bleacher Report found that OpsGenie was straightforward in its usage; the only help they needed was when establishing the blackout policy. During this time they reported OpsGenie customer service to be quick and efficient.


Before OpsGenie, alerts were manually intensive and often frustrating to manage. Now, with the help of OpsGenie, B/R has a centralized solution, integrating all monitoring tools, providing easy scheduling, alerting, and escalation.

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