Take #ChatOps to the Next Level



Install OpsGenie’s Slack App with one click, from the Slack App Directory.

Act on incidents easily

Use Slack buttons to acknowledge, unacknowledge, and resolve incidents. Take ChatOps to the next level by assigning users, snoozing, or adding notes to the alerts with just a few clicks.

Retrieve incidents and other supporting information

Use slash commands to get all the details of an incident or list all your open alerts. Enable/disable integrations & policies, take on-call for a while or see who is on-call from Slack.

Create new incidents

Create new incident using built-in slash command and assign it to teams or recipients.

Control how information is shared

Install and configure applications for each team or service you have in different channels. Filter alerts and incidents for each property by checking if one or more specified conditions are met.

Ensure security with less permissions and user mapping

Properly trace who is executing the actions and avoid unauthorized access by linking OpsGenie and Slack users. OpsGenie Slack App only asks for minimal permissions and puts your security & privacy first.

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