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Bidirectional PRTG Integration

Oct 13, 2017 by B.Kagan Yildiz
  • PRTG integration is now bidirectional!
  • We also introduced action mapping feature to our PRTG integration! With this feature, you have the ability to specify which PRTG actions should be executed automatically for various OpsGenie actions.
  • Refer to PRTG integration documentation for more details.

Enhanced Freshdesk Integration

Oct 2, 2017 by B.Kagan Yildiz
  • Our integration with Freshdesk now supports action mappings!
  • You can now change your Freshdesk ticket status to Close, Resolve or Pending and add Notes to it using OpsGenie alert management system.
  • For more information please visit Freshdesk integration documentation.

Jenkins Integration

Aug 15, 2017 by B.Kagan Yildiz
  • Jenkins helps to automate the non-human part of software development process, with continuous integration and facilitating technical aspects of continuous delivery.
  • You can integrate Jenkins with OpsGenie and get notifications from OpsGenie when a build message is created on Jenkins.
  • For further information, please visit our Jenkins Integration documentation.

Codeship Integration

Jun 29, 2017 by B.Kagan Yildiz
  • Codeship rebuilds your application on its secure servers and runs your automated tests, when you push your code to GitHub (or Bitbucket). If the tests fail, it notifies your development team via email or integration.
  • You can integrate Codeship with OpsGenie and get notifications from OpsGenie when a build message is created on Codeship.
  • For further information, you can visit our Codeship Integration guide

What is OpsGenie?

OpsGenie is a mobile IT management service providing rich alerts. It can take alerts from any IT management system and notify your users via iPhone, Android push notifications, email, SMS and phone calls.