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Dynatrace (v2) Integration

May 4, 2018 by Şadiye Alıcı
  • Dynatrace is a SaaS application monitoring and analytics tool for cloud natives.
  • OpsGenie now has an enhanced integration with Dynatrace. With this integration, you can create an alert in OpsGenie when an alert is created on Dynatrace, and close the alert in OpsGenie automatically when the alert is resolved on Dynatrace.
  • You can use all the available placeholders of the Dynatrace alert to configure the alert details in OpsGenie.
  • For more information, please refer to our Dynatrace integration guide.

Updated Notification Flow for Associated Alerts

Apr 11, 2018 by Şadiye Alıcı
  • The notifications flow for the Associated Alerts is now updated.
  • The notification flow is suppressed for the alerts that are associated to an incident. Only the Responder Alerts of an incident will send notifications to the related Responder Teams/Users.

Enhancements to Alert Priority Update Feature

Feb 22, 2018 by Şadiye Alıcı
  • We are pleased to announce that, in case of an Update Alert Priority Action, notification flow of the alert is now restarted if the new priority is higher than the old priority.
  • In case an alert is deduplicated with a new alert of higher priority, the deduplicated alert’s priority is increased and its notification flow is restarted. 

Update to the New Alert & Notification Policies Flow

Feb 15, 2018 by Şadiye Alıcı
  • With the introduction of the New Alert & Notification Policies, Team Policies were only applied to the alerts created by that team's integrations, or by an incident routed to that team.
  • We have now added support for the global integrations to work with Team Policies under certain situations. A team’s policies are now applied to alerts that satisfy either one of the following conditions:
    • Alert is created with the same team’s integration.
    • Alert is created with a global integration, but is routed to this team only.
    • Responder Alert is created via an incident and this team is the owner or responder of the incident.