New Relic and OpsGenie: Better Together

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newrelic and opsgenie notification rules diagram

Alerts via SMS, phone & mobile push

Receive notifications for critical alerts via email, SMS, phone calls, and iOS & Android push notifications. OpsGenie sends alert notifications through multiple channels till you see the alert, and can forward the alerts to Campfire, HipChat and Slack as well.

newrelic and opsgenie manage on call

Manage on-call schedules

Easily set up and manage on-call schedules with hourly, daily, weekly and custom rotations, and notify the right people based on date and time. Find out who's on call via UI, API, or mobile apps.

newrelic and opsgenie escalation diagram


Define escalations policies to automatically escalate alerts and ensure critical alerts are not missed. OpsGenie tracks alert status and sends notifications until the alert is acknowledged or closed. Alerts can also be escalated manually when necessary.

newrelic and opsgenie consolidating alerts

Severity &
Time Based Alerting

Not all alerts require same level of attention. Use notification rules to control how you want to be notified for different alerts based on alert data such as severity, tags and the time of day.

newrelic and opsgenie rich alert diagram

Content rich alerts

OpsGenie alerts are not limited to couple hundred characters of text, and support many fields, tags, and attached files. Recipients can not only see the alert message, but also all of the supporting information, such as histograms, trends, charts, and other information to figure out what to do next.

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