Integrate all your operations tools and applications with ease Opsgenie integrates with many operations tools & services, and provides flexible, easy to use tools to integrate any tool with OpsGenie.
If an application can send emails, it can create Opsgenie alerts, and notify users with couple of clicks. And with powerful email parsing capabilities, you can create, acknowledge, close, and deduplicate alerts automatically via email. Opsgenie provides a simple JSON over HTTPS API to ensure any application can be easily integrated with Opsgenie. Using Opsgenie Web API and the programming libraries, customers implement tools to automate tasks, create and close alerts, attach files, and synchronize comments in their preferred programming language. Lamp, Opsgenie command line interface, allows any monitoring tool that can execute a shell script to integrate with Opsgenie via HTTPS. Using Lamp, customers can write scripts that create alerts, attach files, add comment to alerts, etc.