API Limiting

OpsGenie puts limits and quotas on API requests to protect the system from receiving more data than it can handle,and to ensure an equitable distribution of system resources.

To prevent abuse, OpsGenie implements a number of throttles, to learn the details you may contact us. If your client gets throttled, you will receive a "429 TOO MANY REQUESTS" error in response to the API request. Your client should expect and be able to handle this error. Limits are not on a per-user basis. When an organization exceeds a limit, all users in the organization can be temporarily rejected or delayed from making additional requests.

HTTP Headers

Header Name Header Value Description
X-RateLimit-State OK | BURST | THROTTLED OK: Request count is below the rate limiting thresholds.
BURST: Request is accepted. Processing will be delayed.
THROTTLED: Request is temporarily rejected.
X-RateLimit-Reason INTEGRATION | ACCOUNT (Optional) If X-RateLimit-State is not OK

INTEGRATION: Integration based throttling. Check integration related API requests.
ACCOUNT: Account based throttling. Check account related API requests.
X-RateLimit-Period-In-Sec <integer> (Optional) If X-RateLimit-State is not OK

Period (in sec) where current API request is defined as BURST or THROTTLED. If you want to send related request (at THROTTLED state) to OpsGenie, it'll be good to wait to given period.