Week of 9.17: What’s New in Product


Announcing the following integrations:


  • Workato is a platform for automation which includes enterprise integrations and process automation.
  • When an Opsgenie action occurs in Workato, an alert is created in Opsgenie eventually through the integration.
  • For more details, view our documentation.

Jira Ops

  • Jira Ops is a single place to coordinate incident response - from alerting through resolution.
  • Functionality:

Opsgenie provides 4 different flows for the Jira Ops integration:
1. Creating alerts in Opsgenie for the Jira Ops issues
2. Creating incidents in Opsgenie for the Jira Ops issues
3. Creating issues in Jira Ops for the Opsgenie alerts
4. Creating issues in Jira Ops for the Opsgenie incidents

Other exciting news

Problem Reporting via Service Status Pages

Problem Reporting is designed for Stakeholders and Observers to report problems they experience for the Services they use.

Opsgenie's Problem Reporting:

  • Empowers observers and stakeholders to report problems in real time
  • Consolidates disparate communications into one central channel
  • Encourages self-service & filters reported issues based on responder’s preferences
  • Enables two-way communication with responders
  • Allows reporters to collaborate and track the path to resolution

Service Health Reporting

Service Health Reports are available under each Service’s configuration page (in the Team Dashboard), on the header of the page. These reports are useful for service-oriented teams to understand the frequency and resolution of incidents in order to improve incident response efforts or to see what is successful during remediation of incidents based on data on the dashboard.

Infrastructure Health Reporting

Infrastructure may consist of hundreds or thousands of services. Infrastructure Health Reporting conveys the health of each piece, problematic components or services, so focus can be specific for improvements or removals. These reports give a comprehensive look into the health of a huge part of the organization especially if your organization is very service-focused. They provide insight into making (business) decisions based on incident frequency and the data for how business-impacting or easy to solve incidents for a particular service are.