Week of 7.9: What’s New in Product


Announcing the following new integrations:

Microsoft Active Directory

  • OpsGenie supplies a utility for synchronizing Active Directory users and groups with OpsGenie. Use this utility to select Active Directory groups to keep synchronized with OpsGenie.
  • After configuring the utility, it will start synchronizing the selected Active Directory groups with OpsGenie. It creates teams in OpsGenie for the Active Directory groups if a team with the same name doesn't exist in OpsGenie. Then it adds the members of the Active Directory group to the team in OpsGenie. It creates the users if they don't already exist.
  • For more details, see our documentation.


  • Statusy is the modern status page. Use Statusly to notify customers and those who depend on services when things are changing, not working as expected, or undergoing maintenance.
  • When an alert is created, closed, acknowledged or assigned in OpsGenie, Statusy regarding information is seen in Statusy.
  • For more details, see our documentation.


Other exciting news

New Essentials Plan

Our new Essentials Plan replaces our “Basic” plan offering and aims to ease onboarding and basic alerting and on-call management, optimized for simplicity. The Essentials Plan is designed to shorten the amount of time for users to see value with OpsGenie and the tools to get set up quickly.

Our new Quick Start Guide takes users through the initial steps to set up their account under the Essentials Plan. All trials will start from Essentials. Once the Quick Start Guide has been completed for the Essentials Plan, OpsGenie helps you pick desired features to match you to the suitable plan. For more information, see our new pricing page or contact us for details.

Updating Slack action buttons on executed alerts

Now, the related alert information is updated in Slack after alert actions (Acknowledge, UnAcknowledge, Close, Snooze, Take Ownership, Assign) have been executed in OpsGenie.

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