Life at OpsGenie - The Genie Journey

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OpsGenie is growing rapidly and we are excited to share the journey all our new Genies take when they join our team and beyond. From submitting an application, or the “Pre-Genie” process, to "Genie Life" (the every day), to “Genies Looking Forward” where continuous learning opportunities are provided for team members, the journey laid out for them is something we’re proud of and outline in this article.




If one of our open roles stands out, submit an application to one of our locations in either Boston MA, Falls Church VA, or Ankara, Turkey. If working for an innovative, fast-growing, exciting SaaS company sounds like something of interest, we have a myriad of open roles across departments.

Get to Know Each other

Discover what OpsGenie is all about during an initial evaluation by a member of the Talent Team. Just like our integrations, we strive for bidirectional functionality. We want prospective Genies to get a good idea of what to expect at OpsGenie and the role as much as we want to learn about them in return.  

Meet the Team

After the initial evaluation, the next step in the process is an invitation to the office to not only meet the team but all relevant persons. See the office and envision whether you can imagine yourself in one of those seats!


As a final evaluation, we assess each prospective Genie based on the role and department they have applied to. Engineers are tasked with completing a code challenge, sales applicants perform a mock sales call, and our customer success individuals conduct an OpsGenie demo; all of these assessments test the applicant's knowledge of OpsGenie and their skillset.


After a thoughtful decision process, plan to hear back from someone on the OpsGenie team regarding a hiring decision. 

Genie Life

First Day

Congrats, you did it! Welcome to the OpsGenie Family! Upon arriving to the office, you will be greeted with welcoming faces, a fully stocked desk containing all of the OG swag you can dream of (yes, there are even koozies & fidget spinners), a personalized name card, a shiny new MacBook, gift cards, & everything a new Genie needs to get started!

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OpsGenie values customized training and supporting our employees in the on-boarding process. We offer product specific sessions in order to support a new Genie’s development.

New hire training is customized with the relevant managers per department so that you’re set up for success in your new career at OpsGenie. You’re going to make a direct impact from Day 1. For example, our Sales Development Representatives are given an intensive on-boarding training to learn all the ins and outs of the OpsGenie product offering, how to make sales pitches by role-playing and learning industry practices; this promotes confidence for SDR’s when it’s time to hit the phones.

Employee Perks

At OpsGenie, we want our perks to be both fun and necessary. When you become a Genie, you are welcomed with cool swag items and an awesome welcome package. The bigger perks, in our eyes, are the opportunities that come with the community you join. These include:

  • Unlimited Vacation & Sick Day policy* 
  • Fully Stocked Kitchen - Unlimited Snacks & Catered Friday Lunches
  • Happy Hours
  • Company Outings (such as Sunset Boat Cruises!)
  • Team Outings (Laser Tag, Escape the Room, Bowling)
  • Collaborative, open office with a transparent culture
  • Generous healthcare benefits
  • Bike Friendly
  • Volunteering Opportunities

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Genie's Looking Forward


Continuous Development

Brown Bag Sessions

To encourage continuous learning and the sharing of ideas, our Engineering team holds team-based Brown Bag Sessions (named for the brown lunch sacks since these meetings are held during lunchtime) to discuss a topic of their own choosing.

Being Recognized

Top performers across all departments are recognized in each office with various events. For example, when individuals on our Sales team hit their quota at the end of the quarter, they are recognized into the “Quota Club” where these individuals are rewarded with a fancy dinner hosted by the VP of Sales and the CFO.

Ongoing Professional Opportunities

Everyone has aspirations when they embrace a new working opportunity. We prioritize career paths at OpsGenie and want all our Genies to see a clear path for continuous learning and improvement. Because we’re a startup, we encourage employees to work with their managers to gain feedback and mentorship to create the futures they envision for themselves. Throughout a Genie’s journey, if new passions and skillsets are discovered, there are opportunities to join a different team to pursue those. With mentorship and the level of transparency we uphold, expectations are defined and redefined regularly to support every employee on their individual paths.

Global Reach

Due to our offices being spread across the Globe in three international offices, it’s a unique collaboration effort by our Customer Success, Product, and Marketing team to cross-team across all three locations. Even so, they empower each other to make great content together, provide the best customer service, and deliver new features addressing direct needs.

OpsGenie has further united our three offices by rolling out the International Visiting Scholars Program, where our Turkish Genies travel to the Boston office with and have events planned with Boston Genies!

This gives us the much-appreciated face time with the people we work with every day. It’s been great to not only integrate ideas within the workplace but also learn about the different cultures that make up OpsGenie. Stay tuned for more information on the program in an upcoming blog post! 

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*This policy varies per location in accordance with laws and regulations.