The Fastest Path to Modernizing Incident Management



Long gone are the days of manually monitoring an inbox and deciphering which alerts require attention or action. However, when adopting or migrating to a new tool, it can seem like a daunting process to set up all of your teams, integrations, and notification settings. Opsgenie is here to help. We offer dedicated Pre-Sale Engineers and Customer Success Engineers who will help you identify your bottlenecks and precise needs within Opsgenie.

Opsgenie’s modern incident management platform is designed for Dev and Ops teams. Once setup on the platform, you’ll begin to see many benefits, including:

  • Spend less time manually routing and escalating alerts
  • No longer need to manually compile reports
  • Avoid sifting through logs and disparate tools during a post-mortem review
  • Save time by automating wherever possible and use custom actions instead of manually taking common remedial tasks
  • Easily create tickets, add notes, update alert status and send stakeholder notifications all from within Opsgenie

Some companies worry that they will not have the time or bandwidth to properly set up and use Opsgenie to its full potential. Often companies who adopt Opsgenie are also in the process of adopting other tools as well. So how do you ensure Opsgenie gets setup quickly and correctly the first time? The answer is a comprehensive on-boarding program that ensures customers are successful from day one.

We build the house for you.

The first step to adopting Opsgenie is a consultation with a Pre-Sales Engineer who will work with you to understand your use-case for Opsgenie. Then, a demo is scheduled which is tailored to your organization’s specific needs to help you visualize what your incident management process will look like in action with Opsgenie. Opsgenie’s team listens to your goals and pain points, and then helps you build a plan and setup the tool in our demo environment to make sure those goals are met and those pain points are solved. You will have access to dedicated Pre-Sale Engineer and Customer Success Engineers who will then provide you with a formal, proof of concept project guide where you can identify any additional requirements and goals your team has.

For teams who have never used an incident management platform, to those who are migrating from another platform, to teams already using some kind of alerting tool, Opsgenie helps you configure Opsgenie to your precise needs. In the span of the 14-day free trial the goal is to get your account setup, integrated with your monitoring tool and start understanding how you can group, and route alerts while reducing the noise across your team.

We want users to see value quickly, and aim to achieve just that in the 14-day free trial.

imaginelearning case study

You decorate the house once it’s built.

Your dedicated Pre-Sale Engineer and Customer Success Engineer will help you build out your main configurations during the trial period and show you the opportunities to further tailor the Opsgenie platform to your needs.

Once you become a customer, we will assist you in “decorating”, aka advanced customizations. Some of these customizations include custom fields for your alerts, and integrations, and complex schedule configurations. We built the house, and even though it’s now your turn to decorate – think of us as your interior designers, who will still be there to make it look exactly like you envision.

We offer support at every stage, and in every way.

You may have noticed the little chat bubble on your screen when visiting the Opsgenie website or the web application. That is our 24/7 customer support portal, and it’s a real person on the other side ready to assist you with any of your Opsgenie needs. We pride ourselves on the rapid response we provide to every user who comes through our chat portal or email.

Additionally, we encourage users to visit our Community and Playground sites as a resource to pose questions and share ideas. We’ve seen a lot of innovative solutions posed through the Community, a forum for Opsgenie users to engage in peer-learning and share tips. The Playground provides a space to “play” with all our various features, integrations, etc. to see exactly what we’re made of. Don’t worry– Customer Success still monitors those platforms to make sure that regardless, you receive help on your issue at hand or gain feedback for a proposed solution.

For further validation of our tools and service you should check out G2Crowd, a third party review site that’s filled with validated user reviews. Many reviews speak to the ease of our adoption process. G2Crowd has also recognized Opsgenie as a High Performer for Customer Satisfaction in the Incident Management industry .  

The time it takes to setup Opsgenie more than pays for itself in the operational efficiencies that follow the initial setup. Deciphering various alerts in an email inbox without effective on-call management is a pain felt by organizations, as was the case for Imagine Learning before they found Opsgenie. Don’t just take our word for the immediate value realized with Opsgenie– Keith Smith, Principal Site Reliability Engineer at Imagine Learning says: "Within 3 months of adopting Opsgenie, we reduced the number of incidents by 99%," a huge win for their team which allows them to focus on other projects and avoid being woken up unnecessarily for alerts.

With a few hours of planning and configuring invested up front during your free trial, unlock hours per week for each of your responders– allowing them to work on higher-value tasks and focus on what they do best: building, maintaining, and optimizing complex technical infrastructure and services.