ShipIt 44: Opsgenie’s ShipIt Experience

ShipIt office with balloons

As the newest member of Atlassian family, Opsgenie attended the global ShipIt 44 -and we loved it! ShipIt Days are a hackathon-type of an event at Atlassian which gives an opportunity to be creative and design something great in 24-hours. Quarterly, everyone in the company pauses their daily-basis duties and starts working on a project which could be a new feature, workplace improvement, or contribution to the company culture. ShipIt projects are not only restricted to technical proposals; any non-technical idea is also welcomed. ShipIt provides a chance to work with a team different than your regular team. Overall, it is a great event to deliver an idea in your mind as an output, work with different people in your company, and have fun together! For Atlassians, it is a chance to work on things we don't normally get to work on every day for the good of Atlassian or Atlassian customers.

ShipIt white board and balloonsThe theme of this quarter’s ShipIt was “Built for wellbeing” - a thrilling topic for our first ShipIt experience!

The aim of this theme was to create projects that explore how we can help people feel positive, fulfilled, and engaged at work. Before the ShipIt Day, Jira tickets were created to share project ideas with everyone in the company. This way we had a chance to see all project ideas and form a team around an existing issue. Working with people from other teams was a nice way to get to know each other better.

On the day of ShipIt we started early with lots of balloons and badges to spread the ShipIt spirit all around the office! The ShipIt schedule was similar in all the Atlassian offices: Come up with an idea or join a team with an existing idea, decide on division of work, start working, and ship it. We stopped our daily jobs and started to work on ShipIt projects at 11.00 am.  The next day started with an office breakfast and final touches were added to projects. At we stopped working on projects and then began to work on our presentations. To represent the ideas, teams were given a short presentation which explains the motivation behind the project. It was impressive that in a 24-hour time period, many projects were in the form of functional products. The 3-minute presentations were a great way to explain our process and final products to everyone.

ShipIt buttons/pins

Voting time! After the presentations, it was time for voting. We assessed the projects and the top-voted project was nominated as the ShipIt winner! “Cengiz”, a Jenkins-like platform, proposed to reduce the pain points of Jenkins, got the highest vote and nominated as the first ShipIt winner in the Atlassian Opsgenie Ankara office. The “Bloodbuddy” project was nominated by the jury’s special gift as the most suitable project of ShipIt theme. “Bloodbuddy” offers an alerting system via Opsgenie whenever someone is looking for blood in case of an emergency.

This 24-hour hard-working continued with a happy hour where we celebrated our first ShipIt experience! ShipIt44 was a great opportunity to collaborate with people from other departments in the company. It was a wonderful chance to work on a project different than what we do on a daily basis and see the power of collective creativity. Opsgenie offices in Ankara, Falls Church, and Boston’s high participation rate is a sign of appreciation of ShipIt Days. We can’t wait for the next ShipIt!

If you would like to learn more about ShipIt Days, you can check the ShipIt FAQ.