Opsgenie Plans: Essentials, Standard, or Enterprise? (Video)

Opsgenie offers a plan for everyone looking to adopt modern incident management practices, whether you’re a small company just starting out, or a larger organization strictly following ITIL or similar frameworks.  

This video takes a look at what the Essentials, Standard, and Enterprise plans offer to assist your organization in adopting modern incident management practices.

In the above video we tour each plan while covering the key benefits in features. Watch for an overview of the following:

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  • Incident Command Center- Command and control incidents from an Opsgenie hosted war room complete with status pages and stakeholder updates.
  • Mass Notifications- Reach out to a large group of people immediately during an incident, emergency closure, or even a weather event.
  • Heartbeat monitoring- Make sure that your daily backups, database replications, cron jobs, and monitoring tools are all working as expected.
  • Incoming Call Routing- Immediately and effortlessly route calls based on on-call schedules and escalations.
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics- Review powerful metrics from the lifecycle of alerts, incidents, and on-call schedules to assess performance and efficiency.

Be sure to watch the video to see all the above features in action, then sign up for a free trial so you can try it out yourself.

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