Opsgenie Offers EU Regional Data Storage

OpsGenie EU Server.png

We are thrilled to announce our new dedicated European service region, expanding our presence in the area and ensuring greater data protection for our EU customers.  

Running on Amazon Web Services located in Frankfurt, Germany, the isolated instance of Opsgenie services ensures that data is stored and managed according to European legislation, a topic of high interest for companies looking to comply to the upcoming General Data Protection Regulations.

During the registration process, new Opsgenie users can easily use the new service region by accessing the URL: https://app.eu.opsgenie.com. Existing users can contact Customer Success to discuss migration options.  Our Free 14-Day Trial can also be experienced using the EU service region.

For more information read our documentation.

Our new dedicated service region is just one of the ways Opsgenie is investing in the European Community. With planned participation in AWS summits in London, Berlin, Paris, and Stockholm. We look forward to expanding our relationship with European DevOps and ITOps professionals.