Leverage the Power of Opsgenie and Dynatrace Together, Learn More: Visit us at Dynatrace Perform 2019

Dynatrace and Opsgenie integration

Dynatrace Perform is an event in Las Vegas January 28-30, that gathers folks in the cloud and software spaces looking to network, be inspired, and release better software, faster. As a Silver sponsor, Atlassian will have a booth staffed by members of the Opsgenie team, ready to talk to you about how Opsgenie's Dynatrace integration can lead to a faster MTTA (mean time to acknowledge) and reduced MTTR (mean time to respond) for your enterprise or medium business. 

Our easy-to-set-up integration allows you to pair Dynatrace's powerful application monitoring with our flexible alerting and on-call management. This way, when a notification is received in Dynatrace, a corresponding alert is automatically generated in Opsgenie. Opsgenie then acts as a dispatcher for that alert and determines the right person to notify based on on-call schedules. Notifications arrive via any combination of mobile push, text, email, or phone call. Opsgenie then escalates the alert until it is acknowledged or closed—ensuring that alerts are never missed. Setting up the integration takes only minutes and provides you with rich, actionable alerts full of the information necessary for taking rapid action. 

Getting Set Up
First, on the Opsgenie side, go to the integrations page. Then, select "Dynatrace Webhook." Provide the Team you’d like to receive the alerts from Dynatrace. If accessing integrations from the "Teams" tab, this is automatically filled out.

Then, copy the API URL. Please note, I've concealed the API key in the screenshot below to keep it secure. Once the API URL is copied to your clipboard, click "Save Integration". This is an important step—otherwise notifications will not be sent from Dynatrace to Opsgenie. 

Opsgenie's Dynatrace V2 Integration

From your Dynatrace account go to SettingsIntegrations→Problem NotificationsSet up notifications.

Dynatrace dashboard

On the integrations page, select "Custom Integration."


Once you've named the integration something that makes sense to you, paste the API URL into the Webhook URL field. 

Dynatrace web hook set up

Confirm that the integration was successful by clicking "Send Test Notification" at the bottom of the screen. 

Send test notification from Dynatrace 

Immediately an alert is sent to Opsgenie with tags indicating that the alert is a test notification from Dynatrace.

Dynatrace alert in Opsgenie

Easy Wins
Integrating Opsgenie and Dynatrace allows you to leverage the power of these two tools together and send actionable, detailed information to the right people. Opsgenie elevates the monitoring ability of easy-to-use Dynatrace and dispatches alerts to the right people using on-call schedules and the best notification methods. If you're using Dynatrace but you aren't using Opsgenie, you're missing out. Start a free trial today to start realizing the benefits of faster MTTR and MTTR. 

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For more information about Opsgenie's Dynatrace integration, see our docs or come visit our booth at Perform 2019. We'll be in the Silver Sponsors section on the show floor ready to chat!