Incoming Call Routing (Video)

Opsgenie’s Incoming Call Routing provides a phone number in one of 30 different country formats. Opsgenie will manage the routing of calls to this phone number based on your on-call preferences. Opsgenie enables organizations to make sure calls reach the right person based upon the preferences set up within Opsgenie.

The benefits of incoming call routing include:

  • Calls can be forwarded to anyone in the world, enabling geographically dispersed organizations to provide support seamlessly.
  • Opsgenie supports multiple languages for messages that will be read to callers. This way, callers who are speaking different languages can use Call Routing.
  • The alert generated by Opsgenie for the call can be handled like any alert in Opsgenie, rules and policies can be used to route the alert to the right people based on the caller’s phone number.
  • Alert activity log indicates whether the call was answered, how long it lasted, etc.
  • Information about the call can be forwarded to team chat rooms using a variety of Opsgenie integrations including Slack, HipChat and Campfire. Opsgenie can also forward information to other systems via Opsgenie Webhook or Marid integration.

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For more information on Incoming Call Routing, see our documentation.