Curious about Opsgenie Security? We’re Here to Help

security in opsgenie

When evaluating new software for your business or team many questions may come to mind. How much does it cost? Is it scalable as we grow? Does it fulfill all of our requirements? Or most importantly, if we introduce this tool into our business, is it secure?

Perhaps you’re new to Opsgenie and the functionality is exactly what you need but security is a concern. With this in mind, we’ve published a whitepaper covering all the various methods and standards Opsgenie utilizes to maintain security.

Information is secured in three main ways, via the product, platform, and organization.  Within the product the following security features are available:

  • Authentication
  • Access Control
  • Logging
  • Data Control
  • Static IPs, Marid as a pub-sub (no incoming traffic permissions required)

Opsgenie strictly restricts customer data available to employees and implements policies  and procedures based on based on ISO 27001 Information Security. We also use TLS 1.2 encryption in transit and AES-256 at rest.

For exhaustive information on the topic of security, we invite you to view our un-gated whitepaper “Security in Opsgenie” where we detail each process utilized to protect your information.

View Security Whitepaper