Communicate During Events with Opsgenie's New Email Templates


Emails are one of the most popular notification methods of Opsgenie when reaching out to your users. Now, you can create Email Templates which represent your company’s style and streamline communication processes! Email Templates are available for the emails sent out for Mass Notifications and Stakeholder Notifications, and you can customize of the content of the emails depending on your needs.

Multiple email templates can be created for the same type of notification to provide templates choices for different types of events. When creating a template, you can add your own company logo, change the subject of the email, edit the email body, and more!

Furthermore, use Dynamic Fields in the email subject and body when configuring the template. As an example, the “User Full Name” field can be used to include your email recipients’ full name at the top of your email body.

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Email Templates are available for both Mass Notifications and Stakeholders Notifications as a part of Incident Management and Mass Notifications feature sets.

Creating Templates

To create a template, navigate to the Email Templates tab available under the Settings Page. Then, click Create New Email Template.


Type the name of the template and select either Mass Notification or Stakeholder Notifications, depending on your purpose for the email.


Configure your fields as desired, and even preview the email before finishing the template and clicking Create New Template.


To use a template, simply select the desired email template from the drop-down menu when creating a Mass Notification or Stakeholder Notification like normal.


Using email templates further streamlines communication during an incident. Save time with templates to notify customers and stakeholders immediately when a problem has been identified. For further information, click here!