5 Challenges and Solutions of Migrating to the AWS Cloud

5 Challenges and Solutions of Migrating to the AWS Cloud

Modern IT environments are far too complex and dynamic for traditional tools. Successful IT organizations have figured out that before, during, and after a migration to AWS, OpsGenie is a critical tool to monitor and alert on concerns for on-premise, hybrid solutions (on-premise with some part in the cloud), or fully in AWS.

OpsGenie helps keep everything working efficiently. Infrastructure issues will happen, and OpsGenie’s modern incident management platform is there to help. It provides the necessary platform to monitor and alert all IT systems. Regardless of whether an organization is migrating to AWS or already managing its infrastructure there. 

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OpsGenie creates a single console to help meet the organization’s business goals, service level agreements, maintain accountability, and reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

OpsGenie eliminates the challenges presented in this AWS migration discussion. It adds an important layer of alerting and incident management to both IT and Development teams. Download the guide by clicking the image on the left.

Define On-call Schedules and Escalations Policies

OpsGenie routes critical alerts to the right people with on-call schedules and escalates until the alert is acknowledged to reduce MTTR. 

Notifications via Email, SMS, Mobile Push, and Phone Calls to Consolidate IT Alerts

OpsGenie has ready-to-use integrations with AWS monitoring tools, such as CloudWatch and Datadog, and many other leading monitoring tools to manage systems whether they are in the Cloud, a local network, or another data center anywhere in the world. OpsGenie easily integrates all your tools using email-based integrations, command line utilities, simple Web API (HTTPS/JSON), and libraries.

OpsGenie sends alert notifications through multiple channels until you see the alert. You can use notification rules to control how you want to be notified for different alerts based on alert data such as severity, tags, and time of day.

View and Respond to Alerts via OpsGenie Apps

OpsGenie alerts are not limited to a couple hundred characters of text and support many fields, tags, and attached files. Use OpsGenie apps or web UI to view alert details, the status of each of the recipients, and an activity log detailing all alert activity. OpsGenie apps support two-way communications-communicate with team members and initiate investigative actions directly from OpsGenie apps.

OpsGenie Reporting

OpsGenie provides robust reporting features which tracks all actions and alerts and then gives you actionable reports you can use to refine and improve your processes. The reporting function is designed to assist with any post-incident reviews, reports to customers on Service Level Agreements, and help the organization improve on response times and other performance measures.

AWS Monitoring Tools and OpsGenie

AWS provides management and monitoring tools that provide visibility into the Cloud environment. CloudWatch and Datadog are two popular tools that monitor EC2 servers, DynamoDB tables, RDS DB instances, as well as other applications. These tools are effective, but tend to provide a high volume of alerts that aren’t classified by roles, deduplicated, or consolidated. They are also limited to working in the AWS environment and don’t extend out to an organization’s entire network. These are strong monitoring tools, but they are also siloed, making them weak in the area of effective incident management workflows.

OpsGenie consolidates alerts from AWS Cloud monitoring systems with other systems being managed for infrastructure. We also do this live. This allows users to maintain their contact details and preferences in one place which eliminates duplication of data and reduces administrative overhead.

CloudWatch and Datadog are great tools, but the volume of alerts generated by them can be overwhelming. Monitoring systems are also prone to errors and outages and if they go down, you have no way of knowing. OpsGenie consolidates and manages your alerts from the Cloud as well as your other systems to provide relevant alerting. With native, bidirectional integrations, OpsGenie eliminates the burden administrators face of maintaining the same information in multiple, disparate systems.

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Steve Catanzano is a third party author of this post and it's accompanying whitepaper.