Ensure Issues Reach The Right Person With Problem Reporting in OpsGenie

problem-reporting-blog-post-image-v2Think about the last time you or someone at your company found an error or technical issue with a critical system at work. Did you know immediately how to report that issue? Did you know who on the team was the right person to communicate the issue to? Often, employees have no idea how to answer these questions. They lack context and access to the right tools to take action themselves.

OpsGenie is proud to announce that starting today these problems become obsolete with the launch of Problem Reporting in OpsGenie.

OpsGenies Problem Reporting:

  • Empowers observers and stakeholders to report problems in real time
  • Consolidates disparate communications into one central channel
  • Encourages self-service & filters reported issues based on responder’s preferences.
  • Enables two-way communication with responders
  • Allows reporters to collaborate and track the path to resolution. 



Let’s look at a common scenario where problem reporting could streamline the handling of an incident.

You arrive at your desk and start your computer eager to get to work. After 20 minutes of trying to connect- you are at a loss, the SQL server is out. So you do what anyone would do in this scenario, you start asking around if others were experiencing the same issue. They start firing off questions too. Does it work now? What if you try this way? No one knows! So the hunt begins. You fire off a Slack message to your team.

Tuesday 8:04 AM “SOS. Can’t seem to get my computer to connect to the SQL server. Just keeps trying to connect. Who should I reach out to? Would that be John? I know he was working on the server last night.”

At this point, several team members are now involved in the SQL server issue, but you are no closer to a resolution. You have no idea if this was a known issue that the IT team was already aware of and working on or something that was new and had yet to be reported. Worst of all, it has cut severely into your team's productivity.

Scenarios like this are far too common in offices these days. But the good news is that the launch of problem reporting empowers otherwise powerless employees to take action when they discover when a critical system is down.

If OpsGenie's new problem reporting was in place, teams would have understood the scope of the problem and known how many users were having the same issue as well as any additional details as they came in. Communications would have been moved off of Slack and into the problem report, removing issue clutter from internal communication channels. Reporters would have known the progress made to resolve the problem rather than wondering if responders have forgotten about the issue.

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