Empower Teams To Make Data-Driven Decisions With Opsgenie's Infrastructure & Service Health Reports

Running your organization's infrastructure and understanding how services are performing a is key to ensuring every Dev and Ops team is running as efficiently as possible. The problem? Teams typically care about different metrics, so it can be hard to track the metrics you care about when they are not located on a central dashboard. Additionally, if these metrics are in central dashboard, it is often hard to dive deep and understand the root cause of your incidents and the performance of your team. With Opsgenie's Infrastructure & Service Health Reports teams are able to view data of interest and make data driven decisions to improve operational efficiency. See Service & Infrastructure Health Reports for yourself in our video below. 

Benefits of Infrastructure & Service Health Reports include: 

  • Powered by Looker, view the performance of your infrastructure through a single dashboard.
  • Information is presented in interactive graphs and charts allowing you to quickly understand data of interest as well as dive deeper into data that needs further investigation.
  • Understand data related to your services including how long incidents lasted, the average number of incidents per day, meantime to resolve, and mean time to resolution.
  • Keep track of how team members responded to incidents.
  • Ensure proper classification of incidents for the fastest resolution time, reducing inefficiencies.
  • Enables teams to make data driven decisions on how to address services in their infrastructure that are a source of problems.
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For more information on Infrastructure & Service Health Reporting, see our documentation.