A real-time dashboard for OpsGenie using AWS Lambda and PubNub

Oct 26, 2015 by Zafer Gençkaya

OpsGenie Webhook integration provides great flexibility to build solutions for specific requirements. In this blog post, we'll build a real-time dashboard for OpsGenie alerts. This dashboard will provide a quick overview of the most recent open alerts in OpsGenie, and when there are new activities on alerts, the dashboard will reflect these changes immediately.

The solution leverages AWS API Gateway and Lambda services as a serverless backend and PubNub for the real-time data stream. Both AWS and PubNub offer free tiers.

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Using Logstash to correlate events

Oct 13, 2015 by OpsGenie Team

OpsGenie integration family has many members and still growing. The objective of this blog post is to explain using one of the newly added ones, Logstash. Logstash is a data pipeline that helps you process logs and other event data from a variety of systems.

A Logstash pipeline in most use cases has one or more input, filter, and output plugins. Logstash has a rich collection of input, filter, codec and output plugins. A filter plugin performs intermediary processing on an event. Filters are often applied conditionally depending on the characteristics of the event. An output plugin sends event data to a particular destination. Outputs are the final stage in the event pipeline.

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Integrating OpsGenie and JIRA using AWS Lambda

Oct 7, 2015 by Berkay Mollamustafaoğlu

In the previous blog post, we've gone through how to create JIRA issues from OpsGenie alerts, using open source Marid utility. Marid approach is particularly useful when integrating OpsGenie with an on-premise, self-hosted JIRA instance since Marid initiates the connection and does not require opening up the network.

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