Monitoring scripts and cron jobs using OpsGenie heartbeat messages

Dec 26, 2014 by Halit Okumuş

As most organizations, we have a number of jobs that run periodically in the background, as well as jobs (scripts) that get triggered under certain conditions to automate various tasks; from moving files around and backing up data to generating reports. It can be rather difficult to monitor these jobs and get notified when cron jobs or scheduled tasks silently fail or don't complete on time using regular monitoring tools.

OpsGenie Heartbeat monitoring can be used to monitor periodic jobs as well as ad-hoc or irregularly executed scripts. By sending a heartbeat message in the beginning and one in the end of the script, you can generate an alert if the script fails or does not complete within the expected time frame. OpsGenie heartbeat monitoring API supports defining, enabling, disabling heartbeat configurations as well as sending heartbeat messages, so it can be used from any programming language that can make HTTPS requests. In addition, we provide a golang based executable that makes use of these functionalities for you. You don't even need to write code; all you need to do is download the executable and you'll be able to effectively monitor your batch jobs.

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