Announcing Screen Sharing for the Incident Command Center

Opsgenie Incident Command Center

Opsgenie’s Incident Command Center (ICC) empowers you to command, control, and coordinate incident response without ever having to leave the Opsgenie app. You can quickly spin up a war room directly from the incident, even from your mobile device.

The ICC aims to assist you in supporting your always-on service by streamlining collaboration during incident response to speed time to resolution and improve the customer’s experience. As part of an effort to continue to strengthen collaboration between incident responders we’re excited to announce that screen-sharing and full screen expansion are now available in beta. 

How it works
Screen sharing is available in Chrome and Firefox, at this time other browsers are not supported. Please note that Chrome requires an extension for screen sharing. To enable screen sharing in Chrome follow the steps below:

Click on the “Share Screen” button.  

Click the share screen button.

You will be prompted to download the extension. 

enable chrome screen sharing by downloading the extension.

Click ok, and the download will begin. 

Opsgenie's ICC Screen Sharing extension is required.

Full screen mode is now available and can be used during screen sharing as well. When in an ICC session, you can expand the screen by clicking on the “Open full screen mode” button seen below.  

The ICC in full screen mode when screen sharing.

New to Opsgenie's ICC? Watch this video for a complete tour.