Keep the release pipeline up and running with Opsgenie and XebiaLabs XL Release

Release with Confidence

DevOps is not just about developers and operations people working together or creating a culture of collaboration. It is about tightening the feedback flow. It is about working for the common good of your systems and applications. It is about learning from mistakes. These are all enabled by people and the tools that people use. Continuous delivery is a key enabler for DevOps because it helps you deploy and release your code with confidence.

XebiaLabs’ XL Release focuses on your application release orchestration. It helps you plan, track, and execute releases automatically. Like an eagle’s eye, it watches what is involved in which stage and keeps everyone on your team aware of the current status.

OpsGenie vs XL Release

Embrace failure in your release pipeline

Things break. Scripts don’t work. Tasks fail. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, people make mistakes, and there’s no way to remove their involvement. You may not have control of everything; changes in one of the services you depend on may break your build or create a side effect. But don’t despair--the ultimate goal is keeping the system alive and the feedback loops short.

When something is wrong in your release, make sure you can react fast as the health of the release is just as important as production. You can’t know when a production error will occur, but you can make sure your releases are as solid as possible before they get to production. If an incident does happen in production, knowing that your release is healthy means you can focus on fixing the production issue instead of fixing your release pipeline.

Opsgenie, an incident management and on-call scheduling solution, ensures incidents are resolved in the least possible time to minimize downtime and damage. Building a healthy production system involves lots of different subsystems; it does not just mean a healthy production environment. All the way from coding to shipping the code, things can break. When they do, it is important to find the responsible person or teams and equip them with proper information. This is where Opsgenie comes into play.

How does the Opsgenie/XL Release integration work?

How does the OpsGenie/XL Release integration work

By integrating with XL Release, Opsgenie ensures that critical problems in your release pipeline are handled quickly to clear the way to production. The strong integration between XL Release and Opsgenie does much more than just create an alert and let the on-call team member take care of the issue. It also helps team members focus on the real problem and minimize context switching by bringing common actions into the XL Release interface, such as closing or snoozing an alert or even enabling or disabling an integration.

Keep the feedback loop short by automating each task

Releasing in short cycles means frequent changes. Frequent changes cause error-prone systems and require more automation to keep the system working. Now, with the XL Release Opsgenie plugin, you can automate the incident response and take preventative and remedial actions quickly.

You can learn more about our integration, which connects continuous delivery and incident response, in our documentation or, check out XebiaLabs' Opsgenie plugin page!

If you want to try XL Release with Opsgenie and see its power, you can  sign up for a free trial now!