Using OpsGenie to Provide Alerting to webMethods®

OpsGenie keeps you aware and in control of any incident. While most of our integrations focus on DevOps and ITOps, we provide alerting and on-call management to any critical area of your business or life. Our customer success team has recently turned their attention to Business Operations and have proven that we easily integrate with Software AG’s WebMethods platform. Now, if an event or exception occurs in any business application or process managed via Webmethods, teams are alerted instantly through OpsGenie.

In our video, we use REST API calls to connect the two applications. The result: BizOps issues are directed to the right people the second they occur and disruptions are minimized.

If this type of integration is of interest to you, we invite you to sign up for a free trial, or contact our technical teams using the chat bubble at the bottom right of our website.