Manage your StatusCake alerts like a pro with Opsgenie

StatusCake is a website uptime and performance monitoring solution. You can gain invaluable insights into your website's performance and get alerted when things aren’t right. StatusCake is capable of sending email or SMS notifications. These are great.

When it comes to incident management, most teams have additional needs such as:

  • Multiple notification channels like voice and video calls, SMS messages, mobile push notifications, and emails where your team can also take actions on alerts.
  • Flexible schedules with weekly, daily, or custom rotations as well as ability to override a rotation when someone in your team is busy.
  • Escalations which make sure that someone in your team acknowledges the alert and starts working on the issue. For instance, if an on-call is not reachable or available, you might want to notify the whole team after a while.
  • Extensive reporting which  tracks invaluable metrics for your enterprises such as MTTR, number of notifications sent to a team, or on-call times of your team members.
  • Integrations with your whole stack including APM, logging, ticketing, and chat tools. Coordination between your tools needs to be orchestrated by creating bidirectional links in your stack.

Opsgenie integrates with StatusCake to ensure that your StatusCake alerts are resolved in the least possible time. You can find Opsgenie as a native notification channel in StatusCake. Opsgenie reaches the right person using multiple notification methods and integrates with your other tools in your stack. For example, when alert in StatusCake is created, Opsgenie can send a message to Slack and your team can acknowledge, close, snooze, or even assign another person to your alert within your Slack channel.

OpsGenie StatusCake Integration Advanced Settings.png

Using the advanced filtering settings, you can make use of the payload sent by StatusCake and decide on creating or automatically closing the alerts. For example, when ‘Status’ field equals to “Up” you can create an alert while it is “Down” you can automatically close the alert in Opsgenie. Other fields like Url, Status Text, CheckRate or Tags are also available. You can craft your alert based on your needs by putting these fields where ever you want on your alerts.

If you want to learn more about powerful Opsgenie and StatusCake integration, you can refer to:

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In StatusCake:

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