Announcing the Certified Opsgenie App for ConnectWise

Technology Solutions Providers all around the world rely on ConnectWise technology stack to manage their business, sell more efficiently, automate service delivery, and remotely control technology to deliver amazing customer experiences.

Opsgenie provides unique incident response orchestration capabilities that complement ConnectWise products to prepare for incidents that have the potential to impact business. With Opsgenie’s ConnectWise certified app, you have all the data you need to analyze and resolve problems as well as the tools to develop incident response plans, collaborate and coordinate the response actions, and analyze response effectiveness.

Opsgenie’s certified integration enables ConnectWise users to:

  • Integrate alerts from hundreds of sources with ConnectWise. Opsgenie has ready-to-use integrations with hundreds of monitoring systems, and supports creating issues for these alerts both programmatically or interactively by user action.
  • Prepare for incidents by setting-up incident response plans before critical events occur.
  • Accelerate incident response. Opsgenie’s fully bi-directional integration with ConnectWise Manage enables teams to be notified through the issues’ entire lifecycle via iOS & Android push notifications, email, SMS, and phone calls. Opsgenie’s on-call schedules, escalations and notification policies ensure the right people are notified rapidly to respond to time sensitive incidents.
  • Have centralized and coordinated incident response. Opsgenie can forward alerts and incidents to collaboration tools such as: Slack, MS Teams, HipChat, and spawn conference bridges to facilitate instant meetings.
  • Communicate incidents and system health to all stakeholders, even those outside the response teams. Opsgenie creates incident status pages automatically and sends notifications to specific individuals on-demand or as part of a defined procedure.
  • Analyze incidents, response processes, and behaviours to pinpoint areas for improvement through advanced reporting and analytics.

Our ConnectWise certified integration is available in ConnectWise Marketplace to help you communicate and respond to incidents easier. Sign up for a free trial to experience the effectiveness.