2017 Recap

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This is that moment of the year when we try to wrap-up everything that has happened, reflect on the expectations we had in the beginning of 2017, the facts we are facing today, and the great challenges we are going to overcome in the year of 2018.

2017 was inspiring, exciting, eventful, and challenging in terms of company growth, new product launches, feature enhancements, community expansion, new customers, and of course- powerful partnerships.


We are constantly adding new native and bi-directional integrations to our platform and enhancing the existing ones. The year has been concluded with 170+ integrations and the capability to link any tool you use in your daily business, whether ticketing, monitoring, chat, collaboration, or any API-based tool to OpsGenie in minutes.

OpsGenie added exceptional features to its integrations, including Action Mappings  to help you take your integrations to the next level.

We are always happy to collaborate with our customers regarding tools to develop integrations with, even those outside of traditional monitoring tools (webMethods, etc.). So feel free to contact us to file a request.

Incident Response Orchestration

2017 was the year which we documented the launch of our Incident Response Orchestration platform, the most powerful platform to help organizations quickly and effectively identify problems and ensure reliable end-to-end response workflows by notifying only the right people. It also involves stakeholders and interested parties in communications across business units for effective collaboration and incident resolution. With the launch of Incident Response Orchestration we’ve introduced new approach to incident management workflows including:

    • Services and Incidents
    • Incident communication and collaboration with Conference Bridges, Status Pages and Chat Operations
    • Сustomizable user roles, as well as new ones such as Observer, Stakeholder, and Responder
    • Team Roles

The recent addition we made to our product are Custom Team Roles. The trend we noticed is that Incident Response Teams are becoming more complex consisting of multi-level hierarchical structure or even having contractors and temporary employees. Thus, it was indispensable to develop more agile capabilities to assign user permissions and access rights.


In the past year we had huge success expanding our partnerships with Atlassian, AWS, ServiceNow, BMC, and many more. Moreover, we launched our partnership programs, offering our community to partner with us as an MSP or Reseller.

“SolarWinds Partners with OpsGenie to Meet Customers’ Alerting and On-Call Management Needs”. You may have encountered this news back to January 2017 when we announced our strategic partnership with Solarwinds in terms of Alert Central discontinuity. SolarWinds found OpsGenie as the best alerting and incident management solution to trust and rely on, and offered us to their customers.

Community and Playground

The IT market is expanding so rapidly these days, the industry advances become more sophisticated, making it difficult to stay ahead of the game. To align ourselves with its pace, we developed our own Community and Playground.

You are welcome to join our Community where you can share your knowledge, passion, and experience with like-minded individuals and get help using OpsGenie products, features, and integrations. Collaborate with other OpsGenie users, share ideas, recommendations, experience and discuss the challenges of being on-call.

The OpsGenie Community also hosts the DevOps Playground, a new sandbox environment where visitors can explore the use of tools involved in the incident response process, try out OpsGenie integrations, and play with a variety of the monitoring, log management, ticketing, and chat tools.

If you have not done so yet, watch our webinar on Playground capabilities here.

Reporting and Analytics

We proudly concluded the year with the introduction of our advanced Reporting and Analytics functionalities offering you more granular views and insightful reports with powerful visualizations,interactive data explorations and analytics to help you improve your operational efficiency, user and teams productivity and ability to plan on -calls and prevent recurring anomalies.

Engineering Blog

Since our followers network is expanding, we decided why not to share our experience and knowledge with them. So, in 2017 we kicked off our Engineering blog where OpsGenie’s engineers share not only what kind of features they implemented, but most importantly how they did it, what issues they faced during the coding and what complex problems they solved. Follow our engineers who build OpsGenie!


Heading towards 2018!

We respected the voice of our customers and did our best to enhance our product by going beyond alert and on-call management and by transforming it into enterprise-ready Incident Response Orchestration.

We look forward to contributing more in our product development and enhancement to fulfill our customers most exigent expectations.

Find our Year Recap infographic below to see OpsGenie’s other accomplishments during 2017!

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