Introducing Custom Team Roles and Redesign of Teams Dashboard

One of the trends we at OpsGenie are observing is that incident response teams are becoming more complex. They can be widely distributed, made up of different levels of employees, and can even have contractors and temporary employees as members. Greater flexibility is needed when assigning permissions and access rights.


OpsGenie’s new customizable team roles will give you more granular control over what each of your team members has access to, which ensures that only those authorized to make changes to configurations, like routing rules, escalations, and on-call schedules within your account, can do so.

How to create custom team roles

Before crafting custom team roles, we recommend starting from the available predefined roles which are appropriate for most use cases. OpsGenie provides two predefined team roles:

  • Team Admin
  • Team Member

You can start crafting a custom team role by granting or dis-granting the rights of your choice. The following figure shows the team member rights that can be customized via custom roles.


Teams Dashboard redesign

We also worked on the new look & feel of the Teams Dashboard to simplify access and improve navigation. What was once a single page has now been separated into a tabbed browsing view allowing direct access to the related configurations. You can refer to documentation for further information and guidance.



Watch the video to learn how OpsGenie’s customizable team roles give you granular control over what each of your team members has access to and to check out fresh look & feel of the Teams Dashboard which simplifies access and improves navigation.

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