Proudly Announcing OpsGenie’s New Reporting and Analytics Capabilities!


We’re thrilled to announce the release of our advanced reporting and analytics capabilities which let you analyze your incident response with a variety of granular reports! Powered by Looker’s data visualization and exploration features, our new platform unlocks your Operations data and enables self-service analytics through unique features such as:

  • Powerful visualizations: Our new platform provides many different visualizations you can use to make sense of your data. From cartesian charts to pie and donut charts to timelines and tables, your data is visualized in various ways to help you gain fast insights.

  • Interactive data exploration and analytics: Our new platform provides you with the ability to manipulate your queries easily by creating filters for varying granularity.
  • Drilling down: You have the ability to drill into the visualized data to learn about the underlying entities in detail.
  • Downloading data and visualizations: You can download the visualizations, reports and the underlying data in a variety of formats to share them with other team members easily.
  • Scheduling data deliveries: The new platform lets you schedule periodic delivery of your visualizations and reports with various options. 

Transforming Your Operations Data into Business Insights

When designing the new reporting and analytics platform, the main goal was to enable you to leverage your Operations data to drive decisions. Here is the main decision areas the new platform will help you in:

Operational Efficiency:

Mean-time-to-acknowledge (MTTA) and mean-time-to-resolve (MTTR) are the key metrics when it comes to measuring operational efficiency. In our new platform, we provide MTTA/R and in-depth alert analytics with various granularity. Whether you wonder what the MTTA/R for alerts generated by a specific system is or you want to analyze these metrics for alerts created in a specific timeframe (i.e. for the alerts generated during the Thanksgiving holidays...) - your data is there in various visual forms to help you gain insight. Now your team is empowered to spot the weak areas and make proactive decisions to increase efficiency.

User and Team Productivity:

User and Team Productivity analytics let you evaluate your team’s and team members’ productivity, incident response patterns and efficiency. Further, they help you improve incident response processes and optimize effectiveness for future incidents by highlighting the impact your resources are making - letting you resolve issues and recover faster than ever before.

On-Call Planning and Execution:

On-call analytics brings transparency to your on-call policies and workload distribution. It lets you quickly identify things like whether you have good on-call coverage for non-business hours and weekends, whether you have fair on-call schedules in terms of workload distribution, and who is at risk of getting burned out from on-call duties. Using these analytics, you can adjust your on-call related decisions and processes to minimize the risks, balance the workload, and obtain humane and sustainable on-call rotations.



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