OpsGenie is heading to AWS re:INVENT 2017, Las Vegas.


Incidents happen– It’s how you respond to them that matters.

OpsGenie is coming to AWS re:Invent and we want to see you! Join us as at the AWS shuts down the Las Vegas strip for the sold-out conference with thousands of opportunities to network, learn, and party with your peers.

Visit our booth #2823  to see how OpsGenie can revolutionize your Incident Management and Incident Response Orchestration procedures and what innovative strategies we’re using to help our customers stay ahead of business-impacting incidents. We have the deepest integrations with Amazon web services and with over 160 integrations such as DataDog, New Relic, Splunk, Slack, SignalFx, HipChat, and Jira; we bring a lot to the table and have the team to fulfill whatever needs your company’s alert and on-call management platform.

OpsGenie and AWS integration benefits

  • Aggregate alerts from multiple sources
  • Apply logic to classify and prioritize alerts
  • Append and clarify information with flexible formatting adding additional information, tags, & properties.
  • Manage on-call schedules for multiple teams
  • Manage individual profiles determining the preference for contacting each team member
  • Manage escalation policy based on alerts, teams, and individuals.
  • Communicate bidirectionally with monitoring, collaboration, and ticketing solutions
  • Enable organizations to formalize incident plans, manage incident resolution, and analyze response effectiveness.
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Get the most out of your week in Las Vegas

We connect the people, processes, technologies, and tools to promote collaboration and response time so action can be taken at the right time, in the right place, by the right people. By utilizing OpsGenie’s powerful reporting, analytics and post-mortem capabilities, you can pinpoint the weaknesses of your systems and processes, take remedial actions and reduce the business-impact of possible future incidents.

Remember: Incidents happen– It’s how you respond to them that matters.

Set up some time with us and we can give you a demo and change the way you look at your response procedures.