Responding to BMC Remedy incidents is as easy as pie with OpsGenie

BMC Remedy - OpsGenie.png

As an Incident Response Orchestration platform, ensuring fast response to incidents is crucial to us. Incidents can happen anywhere anytime; hence, we have been working eagerly to harmonize our platform with new products in a sustainable manner, specifically with the ones in ITSM domain.

BMC Remedy is one of the tools that we’ve integrated recently. Enhancing BMC Remedy’s incident management process with OpsGenie’s dynamic capabilities enables faster incident resolution, thanks to the out-of-the-box BMC Remedy Integration package. Although it’s an off the shelf package, it can be highly customized to become a made to measure solution for your needs. The package provides a powerful bidirectional integration with OpsGenie. In other words, the integration lets you take advantage of OpsGenie’s rich notifications with features like on-call rotation and scheduling as well as making it possible to use OpsGenie’s action mappings to execute the chosen action in BMC Remedy.

What was the “Contact Sensitivity” of that particular incident?

Sometimes, dealing with sophisticated BMC Remedy incidents could be confusing. OpsGenie parses your incidents to construct rich and informative alerts according to your preference using dynamic fields. Also, dynamic fields can be used to customize alert properties and conditions. In the figure below, a customized alert description using BMC Remedy’s incident fields is shown.

BMC Remedy OpsGenie 1.png

You could also use your custom incident fields by slightly modifying the OpsGenie’s BMC Remedy filter and open source sender. Afterwards, you are all set to use your payload’s raw parameters in OpsGenie.

Configuring firewalls with Action Request (AR) System servers

The good news is you don’t have to configure your firewall thanks to OpsGenie’s integration server, aka Marid. I won’t go into the details of the underlying mechanism of Marid in this blog post but I would like to update that Marid is already included in the integration package and ready to roll with minimal configuration to execute actions in BMC Remedy.

If alert is acked, make me a coffee

I’ve mentioned about the OpsGenie’s action mappings feature. By using action mappings, you can specify what updates should be applied to your BMC Remedy incident by OpsGenie.

BMC Remedy OpsGenie 2.png

The above figure shows the default action mappings for BMC Remedy integration. According to this configuration, actions taken on the alert in OpsGenie will be added as work infos in BMC Remedy. After simulating a use case scenario in OpsGenie, resulting actions could be observed in BMC Remedy, as shown below.

BMC Remedy OpsGenie 3.png

Unfortunately, integration’s default functionality doesn’t include making coffee... Nevertheless, you could customize Marid to run your own coffee making script. I believe sky is the limit after proper customizations!

BMC Remedy OpsGenie 4.png

OpsGenie as BMC Technology Alliance Program Partner

Since we chase perfection and work hard to offer the tailor-made solution for each tool that we integrate with, we became a partner of BMC’s worthwhile Technology Alliance Program. Also we have released our integration in BMC Marketplace to reach out to more people who want to avoid late notifications or missed incidents.

You may take a peek at the integration guide for the details. Our warm community always looks forward to hearing your suggestions.