Awesome ChatOps Workflows with Slack Dialogs


We value being an early-adopter at OpsGenie. We try to enhance our integrations as soon as possible so that our customers can access to the latest capabilities provided by our partners.

Slack recently introduced a new feature, Dialogs, and we are proud to announce that OpsGenie’s Slack App integration is already updated to leverage the new Dialogs functionality! After Slack introduced Dialogs, we got really excited since we had a use-case built for it. If you ask what that feature means, we can simply explain it as a new interactive model which is able to get different information from you and then forward that information directly to the application. Usage of Dialogs is a perfect way to perform "Add Note" actions on an OpsGenie alert in your Slack channel in a more user-friendly way. Even before Slack introduced the Dialogs feature, we allowed the user to add notes to alerts by using slash commands. However, the new way is definitely easier to use.

How to perform add note action on an alert using the new feature?

Using the new feature is straightforward. When an alert is created in OpsGenie, a new notification is sent to the related Slack channel. We were already allowing users to perform various actions on alerts using the buttons and the interactive menus. To use the dialogs to add a note to an alert, open the menu by simply clicking on it and then choose the Add Note option which will popup a dialog. In the dialog, type the note that you want to attach to the alert and click Add. That's all, your note is added to the alert!


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