How to master ChatOps with OpsGenie and Microsoft Teams

ChatOps with OpsGenie.png

At OpsGenie, we do our best to tightly integrate with new and popular tools. One of these tools is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a chat tool for Microsoft Office 365 and is used for communication between teams.

One of the greatest advantages of Microsoft Teams is that it allows creating bots and connectors to integrate your software with Microsoft Teams. You can develop your bot and process requests of your customers via the bot, and you can create a connector to push messages to Microsoft Teams. We took advantage of this flexibility and created our own bot for Microsoft Teams. Using this bot, our customers can take actions on the OpsGenie alerts and incidents without leaving Microsoft Teams. We also use the Incoming Webhook connector of Microsoft Teams to push the alerts to the channels in Microsoft Teams.

It is easy to use our Microsoft Teams integration. To push your OpsGenie alerts to Microsoft Teams, all you have to do is to:

  1. Create an Incoming Webhook connector in Microsoft Teams for the channel that you'd like to see the alerts.  
  2. Paste the URL given by the connector into the corresponding Incoming Webhook URL field in the integration settings page.
  3. Click the Save Integration button in OpsGenie.

Using the bot, we forward default alert actions (create, acknowledge, close, add note, unacknowledge and assign ownership) to Microsoft Teams, but these actions can be easily customized. You can add additional actions to be forwarded to Microsoft Teams, or you can remove the ones that you do not want to. If preferred, you can use the integration to only push the OpsGenie alerts to Microsoft Teams without using our bot. After performing these steps, your integration will be ready and will start sending the alert actions that you chose to the desired Microsoft Teams channel.

Seeing alerts and incidents in Microsoft Teams is good, but it's probably not good enough. We strongly recommend using our bot and leveraging the great benefits it offers. The most important benefit, for sure, is that you don't need to leave Microsoft Teams to take alert actions such as Acknowledge or Close. You can just mention our bot in the channel and type the command, and it'll be executed right away. Forgot which command is for which action? That's easy to find; just type @Genie help to see all the commands we support!

Genie Help Command Microsoft Teams.pngYou will notice that our bot isn't just for taking actions on alerts. By using the bot in Microsoft Teams, you can also list your OpsGenie integrations and policies and you can see who is on-call at the given time, you can enable/disable your integrations and policies, you can mute/unmute notifications for yourself or a team member for some time, and you can add overrides to your schedules.

Although we believe that our Microsoft Teams integration is already very comprehensive, we're always open to new feature requests. If you think of something that would be useful, please don't hesitate to reach us via the chat app on our website or via our online Community. For more information about our Microsoft Teams integration, please visit our Microsoft Teams Integration page.