Auto-Sync Users & Groups from ServiceNow to OpsGenie

by Çağla Arıkan Jun 20, 2017
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At OpsGenie, we try to continuously enhance our integrations as well as add as much functionality as we can to them. In this blog post, we talk about our latest enhancement to OpsGenie’s ServiceNow integration: User & Group Synchronization.

The OpsGenie ServiceNow integration is one of the most popular integrations that we have. ServiceNow is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider of enterprise Service Management (SM) software. Using this integration, ServiceNow users leverage OpsGenie’s powerful on-call scheduling, escalations and notifications capabilities. In addition, OpsGenie offers a specific update set that allows flexible bi-directional integration capabilities:

  • ServiceNow can automatically create OpsGenie alerts from ServiceNow incidents, and OpsGenie alerts can automatically create ServiceNow incidents.
  • When incidents are resolved/closed in ServiceNow, OpsGenie can automatically close related alerts.
  • OpsGenie’s ServiceNow integration also enables you to acknowledge alerts in OpsGenie when ServiceNow incidents have been assigned to someone. This stops the notification flow, instead of assigning it to an OpsGenie user: eliminating an unnecessary notification.
  • OpsGenie creates and updates ServiceNow incidents when you perform a variety of actions on OpsGenie alerts. When you create, update, and close alerts in OpsGenie; OpsGenie creates, updates, and closes ServiceNow incidents. You can also use our action mapping feature to have OpsGenie perform different actions on ServiceNow incidents when specified actions are performed on OpsGenie alerts. You can choose from create the incident, close the incident, resolve the incident, add it as a work note to the incident, and send to custom endpoint options.
  • OpsGenie’s ServiceNow integration also allows users to enable Basic Authentication. That feature is not enabled by default, but you can enable it by entering your Username and Password in the advanced page of the integration and checking the Requires Authentication option in ServiceNow.

Please see the OpsGenie-ServiceNow integration page for more information.

We are proud to announce that we have added a new functionality to the OpsGenie-ServiceNow integration: User & Group Synchronization. This new feature, automatically creates a user in OpsGenie for each user in ServiceNow and automatically creates a team in OpsGenie for each group in ServiceNow. It retains email, full name, business phone, mobile phone, and timezone information for ServiceNow users (those fields should be used when creating ServiceNow users). When one or more of those fields change in ServiceNow, those fields are changed in OpsGenie. Users manually created in OpsGenie have OpsGenie User role and permissions —   regardless of their roles in ServiceNow. When a user is added to or removed from a ServiceNow group, the user is added to or removed from the corresponding OpsGenie team.

note for ServiceNow and OpsGenie integration

Updating ServiceNow group names or descriptions in ServiceNow does NOT update OpsGenie team names or descriptions. Also, OpsGenie team names cannot contain special characters or spaces, even though ServiceNow groups can: OpsGenie replaces disallowed characters and spaces before it creates  OpsGenie teams to correspond to ServiceNow groups that contain such characters in their names.

Using the OpsGenie-ServiceNow integration User & Group Synchronization feature is easy:

  • First, you need to enable the synchronization feature in ServiceNow, by checking the Use Synchronization option in the OpsGenie Configuration form (in ServiceNow).

servicenow synchronization

Then, on the OpsGenie ServiceNow integration page, deselect the Restrict Access to Configurations option (if it is selected).

opsgenie configurations

That’s all you need to do to start using the User & Group Synchronization feature of the OpsGenie-ServiceNow integration!  

Use the new feature now —  and all the other functions we described —   integrate OpsGenie with ServiceNow. And if you have any questions about our ServiceNow integration, feel free to contact us!