Best Practices for OpsGenie Users

by Thierry Barston May 22, 2017
OpsGenie Community and Playground

You’ve been using OpsGenie for a while now. You’re probably getting pretty good at it. You connected it to your monitoring and other tools. You set up alerts and schedules and teaming features. You’ve seen the differences it makes in your response times -- and in your sleep patterns.  

Yes: you know how to make OpsGenie do some stuff, but you wonder if there are other ways that you can use OpsGenie… different ways of doing things in OpsGenie… better ways of doing them… best practices?

You want to know you are doing your best...

We hear stories like that at conferences all over the world, from many veteran on-call users who want to know if they are doing the best they can. Because they care about what they do and know that the more expertise they have with OpsGenie, the more they can do for their organizations - and for their personal lives!

They can always talk to someone on our Customer Success team -- we are definitely there for them (and for you). We want to help everyone use our features in ways that will get them as excited as we are. Because we know that people can do things with OpsGenie that will further reduce their MTTRs, impress their teams, and give them extra time to spend with their - well, to spend more time with whoever or whatever they want.

But we also know that engineers and our other on-call users don’t always want to ask questions (/end understatement). After all, problem solving is a big part of your job… You tend to play around with something yourself or search for answers, if necessary. But you are left wondering if maybe you could do something better or save time with some task -- if someone else has ideas you could use.

OpsGenie’s Community can help you with that!

Well, now, there’s another way for you to hone your OpsGenie skills and knowledge -- and share our excitement! A Community and Playground, where you can learn and share OpsGenie and incident response best practices -- and try out solutions in our pre-configured sandboxes.

The OpsGenie Community is a forum where you can safely collaborate on problems and opportunities that you encounter in operating critical applications and services, being on-call, and optimizing your alerting and incident management solutions. Where you can search for information, watch videos, read, ask questions, and post about experiences with OpsGenie. Where you can even get information about tailoring solutions for your specific needs.

And the Community hosts the OpsGenie Playground, a new sandbox environment where you can try out incident and operations management solutions that include OpsGenie and a variety of integrations with leading monitoring, log management, ticketing, collaboration, and teaming tools. You can explore how we configured OpsGenie for common scenarios -- and talk with us and other like-minded people about such choices.    

For quick video tours of the Community and Playground, click the links below. Then, come try for yourself. You won’t be sorry, but -- if you are -- leave us feedback about what you want to see there, instead. Or ask a question (really): someone probably knows and will happily share!