New OpsGenie Slack App Interactive Menus

by Çağla Arıkan Apr 11, 2017

At OpsGenie, it is important for us to provide the best user experience and to keep our integrations up-to-date. We are an early adopter of the newest features released by the companies with which we integrate.

OpsGenie’s Slack App is one of the most popular integrations with our customers. The Slack integration allows users to forward alerts to Slack channels, and then lets them interact with those alerts -- using either slash commands or Slack buttons. For more information, you can refer to ChatOps with Slack and OpsGenie page.

Today OpsGenie announces its new integration with Slack’s Message Menus, an interactive menu feature. Now, a simple set of menus lets you easily perform Assign, Take Ownership, and Snooze actions on alerts in the OpsGenie Slack App.
Assign Action:

By selecting Assign in the Slack Other actions menu, you can assign an alert to a specific user. When you select this option, the Slack App chat displays a Choose a user to assign the alert to menu. This menu will include the list of Slack users on your Slack team. If the Slack user you select in the related Choose a user list is connected to OpsGenie, the alert will be assigned to him/her successfully. That person becomes the Owner of the alert. If the Slack user you select is not yet connected to OpsGenie, an error message will be displayed. That user can connect to OpsGenie, by entering a /genie connect slash command (in the Slack chat). For more information, see “Chat User Mapping,” in our Slack App Configuration document.

slack menu.png


By selecting Take Ownership in the Slack Other actions menu, you can take ownership of an alert that has already been assigned to someone else. If an alert has no current owner, however, you cannot immediately take ownership of the alert! Instead, take ownership by selecting Assign in the Other actions menu, and then selecting your own name in the Choose a user list of the Choose a user to assign the alert to menu.  

 Snooze Action:

By selecting Snooze in the Slack Other actions menu, you can delay alert notifications for periods of five minutes up to a full day. The chat window displays a For how long do you want to snooze notifications for this alert menu. In the related Choose snooze time list, you set the alert to snooze for 5 min., 10 min., 15 min., 30 min., 1 hour, 2 hours, 6 hours, or 1 day. If you change your mind, you can repeat the process to select a new Snooze time; your most recently-entered Snooze time becomes the Snooze time for that alert.

slack interactive menu

With OpsGenie’s new integration for Slack’s Message Menus, executing OpsGenie Assign, Take Ownership, and Snooze actions is now simple and easy. If you have any questions about using the OpsGenie Slack App, you are welcome to contact us. And stay tuned for news about other new actions and improvements coming for our Slack App!