How New OpsGenie MSP Partnership Helps Your Customers

by Karine Margaryan Apr 3, 2017

MSP partnership

Nowadays, in the broad IT technology market, large numbers of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) supply services for a wide variety of functions, such as monitoring, network, backup, and many others. Each MSP faces various challenges and has multiple goals to reach. MSPs can easily reach their goal of improving incident management for their customers, however, with the new OpsGenie MSP solution.  

Monitoring tools often send so much information and so many warnings that turn out to be false positives and noise. Dealing with this noise  can distract people and delay them from resolving real problems. As a result, IT companies invest time and money trying different tools that just don’t do the job.

The OpsGenie MSP solution provides alerting and notification capabilities that improve the incident response processes of both MSPs and their customers.

Our customizable notification policies and escalation schedules make sure that the right people can quickly take the right actions -- without having to waste time going through endless logs and following up on false positives.

The new MSP solution lets MSPs extend incident response management capabilities to their customers -- at no cost. It enables MSPs to synchronize actionable alerts and escalations with their customers: enabling seamless collaboration without compromising data privacy or control over workflows.

With the OpsGenie MSP solution, MSP customers get alert notifications:

  • That inform. OpsGenie consolidates alerts intelligently and sends them to recipients with all relevant details and attachments.
  • That matter. Alert notifications are based on alert severity level, because not all alerts are of the same importance.
  • That reach people. Notifications are based on the time of day and on a wide variety of notification preferences that use a comprehensive set of communication channels to reach people wherever they are and however they work.

OpsGenie Managed Service Provider

Why Become an OpsGenie MSP Partner?

  • OpsGenie provides a seamless collaboration between you and your customers: you can synchronize alerts between your OpsGenie accounts to retain visibility and authority over processes.
  • The MSP solution tracks your alert resolution lifecycle  and notifies your customers about issues and progress, to keep them in the loop.
  • You can let your customers escalate alerts to you either automatically or manually -- and then track resolution progress through alert updates.
  • The OpsGenie MSP plan is free for customers of MSPs. Your customers can use the free version or upgrade to an advanced plan to benefit from OpsGenie’s extensive integrations, schedules, escalations, and other advanced features.

Join our MSP Program and become an OpsGenie Partner now!