Atlassian Connect Week 2017 Amsterdam

Hi, I’m Serhat from OpsGenie. I recently had the chance to go to Atlassian’s Connect Week event. I will try to share my experience at this amazing event. 

I arrived in Amsterdam on Saturday afternoon and had the chance to visit lots of great places like the Van Gogh museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Heineken Experience…

On Monday morning, I went to Atlassian’s Amsterdam office at around 9:00 AM. There were many friendly people at the door who greeted me. I introduced myself and got my Atlassian Connect Week event t-shirt; then I went to the meeting area, where we had standup meetings throughout the week.

Serhat from OpsGenie.png

Luke Kilpatrick from Atlassian welcomed us, and everyone started introducing himself/herself. After the introductions, there were presentations about JIRA, Confluence, JIRA Service Desk, and others. I learned a lot about Atlassian products on Monday. At the end of the day, there was a happy hour event where I met great guys from all over the world. We talked about lots of things, including what our companies do and what our plans were for the week…

I will not go into the implementation details, but during the Connect week, I mainly worked on our HipChat Add-On updates together with Nick Turskyi from HipChat. On Tuesday, I completed one of our prime goals of providing an option to simplify HipChat messages that go into the room. Now, our messages are collapsible and don’t take so much space in the chat room, but they still show all the details when you extend the message or click the message to see all the details in the sidebar. It’s been implemented in a backward compatible way so that current customers who love the way it was can still use it the same way.

Wednesday started with a standup meeting where everyone said what they were working on and shared  any problems they encountered. During the day, I scheduled meetings with JIRA, JIRA Service Desk and Confluence teams. There were lots of useful ideas on how to improve our current applications and add new ones to provide a complete workflow using Atlassian tools.

I added an unacknowledge action option to the HipChat sidebar. Now, users can unacknowledge their alerts -- in addition to acknowledging and closing them -- without leaving the HipChat room.

At the end of the day, Atlassian organized a trip to the Amsterdam Museum. It was a great trip, and we learned a lot about Amsterdam. After the trip, there was another happy hour next to the museum. After all that, we felt a bit hungry and decided to explore Indonesian food at Kantjil.

Atlassian Happy hour

On Thursday, I had a meeting with a UI/UX team and got feedback on our HipChat Add-On. I implemented action buttons for the alert list view in the chat sidebar that makes executing actions faster. I also worked on implementing an add note action option, using HipChat dialogs. It was nearly done, but it could not be released (because of a bug). Thursday was intensive, because the next day would be our demo day!

OpsGenie presentation at Atlassian Connect Week Event

Friday was our demo day, and I had the chance to present information about our product and about what I accomplished during the week. Many great companies shared their products and proved the strength of the Atlassian platform.

OpsGenie Atlassian integration

It was truly a great week in Amsterdam!

I met with developers from all over the world, learned a lot about their products, exchanged ideas, explored Amsterdam, and developed great Atlassian add-ons.

Take a look, below, at some of my other pictures from this wonderful week. Oh: special thanks to Michael Lauricella from Atlassian, Nick Turskyi from HipChat, Hector Urtubia and Matt Pizzimenti from Olark, Nic from Fugue, and Brandon from PingPilot. This week would not have been as great without you guys!

 Atlassian, HipChat, Olark, Fugue, PingPilot and OpsGenie guys at Atlassian Event