Notify Thousands With OpsGenie!

by Emel Dogrusoz Feb 16, 2017

mass notifications

We at OpsGenie continuously work hard to add new capabilities to our product.  We are proud to announce the BETA release of a new resource that will help alleviate daily stress: Mass Notifications!

What is OpsGenie’s Mass Notification Solution?

OpsGenie’s Mass Notification system provides OpsGenie users the ability to send notifications to individuals inside and outside of their organization. For instance, you may want to communicate urgent messages and/or incidents instantaneously with people who are not OpsGenie users. These people could be your company’s stakeholders (boss, partners, users of your products, etc.) or individuals who may potentially be impacted by an event such as a critical system outage. The Mass Notification system allows you to plan and manage such communication and responses. This solution grants you the ability to notify anyone, anywhere, on any device before, during, or after the event.

different devices to notify people

How does it work?

It’s easy! To send or create mass notifications through OpsGenie; first, you need to define the event that requires the communication, then identify the recipients of the mass notification messages and finally the criteria that associates whom to notify, through which channel, and of which event.

There are two ways to fire a mass notification in OpsGenie:

  • Manually -- Create a mass notification event in OpsGenie, then define the Recipients and notification methods for your event.
  • Automated --  Create mass notification events by pre-configuring templates and scenarios. In this case, integrate the Mass Notification system with OpsGenie’s alert management system, and thus, authorizing hundreds of monitoring, ticketing, and collaboration services. Using this method, a mass notification event is created automatically from an OpsGenie alert based on the criteria that triggers a specific mass notification event. With that, the defined recipients will be notified immediately.   

Both of these methods can notify thousands of people instantly. In both cases, you can define the mass notifications recipients either manually or by uploading the recipient lists.

With OpsGenie’s Mass Notification system you will benefit from the:

  • Ability to notify anyone, anywhere, on any device, for urgent events. Recipients do not need to be OpsGenie users to receive notifications from us!
  • Fully customizable and pre-configurable notifications.
  • Configurable targeting based on criteria such as location or user profile.
  • Integration with hundreds of monitoring, ticketing and collaboration services! Any alerts generated by those services can be configured to trigger mass notifications automatically.
  • Ability to automatically create recipient profiles by uploading user data from other systems.

alert recipients

Would like to be a beta tester of the new Mass Notification system? Do not hesitate to contact our Support team!