Incident Resolution via Virtual War Rooms

by Dec 16, 2016 Emel Dogrusoz

As incident arbitrator, we all know how complicated and stressful it is to work on time-critical incidents. Every extra minute your team spends on resolving an incident is valuable and may have a devastating impact on your business and customers. So what can you do to minimize the time, effort, and the stress related to major incidents?

First, establish a clear process for incident resolution. Set up a process for incident resolution and share it with your team to make sure everyone is on the same page and that they know how to execute it.

Second, make sure you have an out-of-the-box incident notification system. Ensure that you are using a reliable and targeted incident notification instrument set, *cough* OpsGenie *cough*. Also confirm that your team gets notified with the relevant details as soon as an incident arises. Now it's your team’s turn to follow the published processes; use the data at hand and resolve the issue promptly. The key to quick incident resolution is effective communication channels.  In order to support these golden rules while helping you effectively communicate during the incident resolution process, we are proud to announce our new Conference Bridge feature!

What is the new OpsGenie Conference Bridge Feature?

conference bridge

It is a single “location” where key individuals collaborate to resolve any issue and ensure its successful completion quickly.  With the OpsGenie Conference Bridge feature, you are now able to quickly set up Virtual War Rooms to hold an all-hands-on-deck to promptly resolve your critical incidents. This is beneficial especially when your team members are remote (which is a probable situation in the middle of the night, right?). After an incident arises, your IT Operations Managers won’t have the vexing experience to set up Conference Bridges while at the same time trying to organize team members across multiple locations. Instead of confusing your team with which bridge to use (we’ve all been there); your team can now access the preset conference bridge details within the incident notification and join the call with just one-click. It’s that easy. 

How does the OpsGenie Conference Bridge work?

Your OpsGenie account owners or admins can set-up in advance as many Conference Bridge Rooms as they want. Then, they can specify which room to use under which conditions using the Conference Bridge policies. As alerts are generated, if they match any of the conference bridge policies, the related Conference Bridge Room details are automatically attached to the alert notification.  There you go! You are all set! It is up to you to join the conference bridge via your preferred device such as your mobile phone or laptop! Oh…. One of the best parts is that you are not restricted to a specific web conferencing tool. We support any conference bridge tool you choose. Exciting!


  • Real-time collaboration within the teams
  • Effective communication for fast incident resolution
  • Easy setup and access to incident data
  • Single visibility to the incident
  • Incident resolution process on the go from any device, anywhere, anytime.
conference bridge, remote teamwork

Start your free trial of OpsGenie and the Conference Bridge feature now! Questions? Check out our documentations page and do not hesitate to contact our Support team!