OpsGenie is on-call with you over the holidays.

by Dec 27, 2016 Karine Margaryan

1. Manage your alerts on the go!


Are email notifications enough to control your IT infrastructures behavior?  No, not anymore. Email notifications are no longer as effective when there are other channels of communication available; such as phone calls, SMS or iOS & Android push notifications.

IT managers, system administrators, and operations team members receive hundreds of daily email alerts. It's time-consuming to track all alert notifications and focus on emails that matter.  Ignoring emails can become risky since you can miss the important notices. We’ve all been there… right?

What’s the solution? OpsGenie can alert you using different communication channels, including email, phone calls, SMS, iOS & Android push notifications, and Slack & HipChat integrations… which are unavailable with common monitoring tools. Track each issue immediately with OpsGenie’s actionable on-call management platform.


2. Follow-the-sun on-call schedules and rotations.


Easily manage your IT Operations Team workflow through the nights and after hours. Create on-call schedules with multiple rules. Multiple rules help enable different rotations at different times based on a team's geographical location. How does this help you? Now, you can have multi-layer schedules where different people are part of different rotations depending on the time of day or day of the week.


3. Schedule overrides.


During major holidays, when your on-call users are on vacation alert response time becomes unpredictable. But with OpsGenie, your holidays won’t be spoiled! We provide schedule overrides that allow you to define exceptions to the on-call duties for a specified amount of time.

And after the holiday? When the holidays are over, you can shift back to your regular business schedule.


4. Remember: All incidents are not equally urgent.


Incidents vary in urgency; therefore, response time should vary accordingly.  Responding to every issue can result in alert fatigue and slow down incident response time.

With OpsGenie you can configure notification rules and escalate incidents based on their urgency level.  This does not mean that you will lose an alert notification that seemed less important, but you can snooze it for further review. Set up separate workflows for unimportant or minor incidents so they won’t bother you at inappropriate times.


5. Resolve incident faster with smart escalation policies.


Tired of getting called throughout the night about alerts that aren't meant for you?


Benefit from OpsGenie's smart, escalation policies by routing alert notifications as well as calls to the right recipients.  In OpsGenie an individual or a team can be a recipient. Set escalation rules and notify only the on-call users about the incident for faster incident resolution.

Automate your tasks with OpsGenie and collaborate more efficiently across teams in 2017.