New OpsGenie Configuration Management Tool

by Nov 23, 2016 Karine Margaryan

Backup is key in information technology. Data loss may be irreversible causing huge inconveniences to people and companies. When you have a large number of administrators who constantly make changes to the system, the risk of making incorrect actions is high.

Have you ever lost data with an accidental click? Was your hardware corrupted or your PC infected by viruses and cyber attacks which led to data loss? Research validates that almost 50% of people do not backup their data and then uselessly tries to recover it.

Backup utilities are crucial not only to avoid data loss but also to be able to replicate configurations for different usages. For example, if your organizational structures change quite often, you may want to apply a saved configuration of a system or service to a new one. This will allow you to easily create new accounts for changing user roles, new team memberships, changing timezones, etc.


To save time and effort as well as to build a trustworthy company, OpsGenie introduces a new Configuration Backup Tool to save your OpsGenie configuration data, which can be used after an unintended configuration change or future organizational structure change. It’s cool, right? There is also an extra capability: you can restore a specific configuration area and not the whole account data with OpsGenie’s new backup feature. From now on, all OpsGenie customers can backup and restore their accounts and configuration such as:

  • Username
  • Timezone(s)
  • User roles
  • Teams
  • Schedule
  • Escalation information
  • Heartbeat data

Why do you need this?

Free your time

Configuration backup can free up your time by not forcing you to set up all your account information and configuration from scratch. Now, if you accidentally delete any data or you just need to replicate or mimic an old configuration you will save time by not building out another configuration from scratch.

Make a partial recovery

If you make a change in a specific area of your OpsGenie configuration (i.e. just change the schedule or team membership), and later you decide to go back to your previous configuration, you do not need to worry about how to revert to your old system. You can use the OpsGenie Configuration Backup tool to restore only that part of the previous configuration, and keeps the rest up-to-date.

Find out more!

For source code and examples, please visit our GitHub repository. You can download the executable from here.

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