Build Your Teams and Fight Alert Fatigue!

by Nov 4, 2016 Emel Dogrusoz

In today’s world, most organizations use a team-based structure. With this, organizations strive to define responsibilities, build the right skill sets, distribute workload, and eventually maximize productivity and success.

At OpsGenie, we care about our customer’s flexibility to adapt our software to their organizational needs.

How to build and manage Multi- Team collaboration concepts in OpsGenie?

OpsGenie Teams provides customers a unique “team organization” feature that helps establish and manage company organizational structures from within. It allows different departments, such as Operations, Development, Database, Q&A, or Customer Success, the opportunity to effectively collaborate together to assure quality and fast incident resolution processes. Similar to the real world, with OpsGenie, it is possible to define diverse teams while at the same time assign an individual to multiple teams for quick and effective issue resolution.

Roles matter

You can break down your team’s and team members responsibilities based on their skills by configuring their rights and roles. It is essential that issues are escalated to the correct person through proper means to help them focus on mission critical tasks. So, don’t forget to respect each team member's alert notification preferences, whether it is SMS, mobile push, voice call, or e-mail.


Track the issues across the globe

Are your teams geographically distributed, and should you worry about the time zone differences? Set your team members’ schedule according to their locations and time preferences. Don’t leave any issue unresolved due to time-zone miscalculations.

Schedule your team shifts to sleep through the night

Tired of waking up in the middle of the night? Was the call not meant for you? With OpsGenie you will be able to escalate issues based on team rotation schedules.


Don’t lose track of issues and improve your team’s performance with OpsGenie’s incident management and team collaboration platform! OpsGenie is equipped with all the required tools and capabilities to reflect your plans and decisions by addressing all questions and concerns.


Focus on the right roles

If you have a big team, to work more effectively, you may choose to notify only some members of your team at certain times and expect them to resolve the incidents at hand. Thus, other team members are not notified with alerts that are not relevant to them.

Find and fix current bottlenecks

If your whole team, or say your department manager, still needs to view each issue, they can see the history of incidents as well as their resolution process, which in turn will help develop the necessary procedures and policies to assure higher quality and efficiency in alerting notifications.

Gain full visibility of your team's activities

OpsGenie provides full visibility to all team members, while giving you the option to notify only a subset of them, based on the schedules, escalations, and notification preferences in your configuration. Similarly, with OpsGenie, you can define which team(s) should be notified of incidents arising in a certain service, thus, allowing each team to focus on their tasks and minimizing the noise people would otherwise experience.


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